Our 30 Movement Chen Style Tai Chi Sword Course

Dao Universe is excited to bring the Chen Style Tai Chi Staff Form for individual purchase. This form/sequence includes the slow and fast, small internal movements of Chen style, adding the energy extending tool that is often called the “grandfather of all Chinese weapons.”
The staff or “cudgel” was a favored weapon of Shaolin Monks as one could disable or stop an opponent without killing them. In modern society, the staff is learned for martial art applications and defense. It is used in forms as another way to recognize and focus the movement, gathering and extension of Qi, as well as project the practice of Fa Jing, or explosive power.
Using the staff can help you with hand, wrist, and shoulder strength and flexibility using large and small muscles and ligaments that are not commonly used. Whenever a new object is added to your Tai Chi practice, different pathways in your mind are opened that can benefit your memory and mind and body connections.
We recommend all students learning online, especially those new to Tai Chi or specifically Chen Style Tai Chi to first become familiar with the foundations of Tai Chi before starting a form that includes high energy movements and weapons. Learning the foundations is important so you do not create bad habits. Starting any new practice or style requires patience, and the reward will be a lifetime of learning and another step toward better health. All movements can be modified for your level. Always get the advice of your physician before starting any new physical activity and create a safe environment for your practice.
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What is Yang Style Sword?

The Chinese Sword (; pinyin: jiàn), also called the “King of Weapons” is a traditional double-edged weapon that can be traced back 2500 years. In modern times, Tai Chi and other martial arts practitioners benefit from sword practice because it contains a lot of Yang energy. By using the “middle way” we combine this Yang energy with Ying energy's flowing movements to increase flexibility and joint mobility. Practicing the Tai Chi sword then becomes not a weapon but a conduit for our energy to extend around and through our body. This practice can especially benefit the shoulders, wrists, and fingers. The sword forms, like Chinese medicine, may help with arthritic-like conditions in a more natural way, slowly increasing or maintaining mobility in the joints.   
Weapons my be viewed and used aggressively, however when used in your Tai Chi practice, you will find a way to change the nature of this energy to cultivate peace and promote health — another lesson/meditation to apply to our daily lives.
Always remember to consult a physician when attempting a new exercise.
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