42 Tai Chi

The 42 form combines Chen, Yang, Sun and Wu styles of traditional Taijiquan and should be practiced by more experienced students that have learned basic foundations of Taiji. The combined movements of each style is beautiful to watch with the powerful yet fluid transitions that can be challenging if you use the international time limits, or more meditative if performed at your own pace. This form is popular not only as an internationally recognized competition form, but also as a tool to build strength, flexibility, and mind/body connection for increasing overall health while having fun with the varied styles. 
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Chen Style 18 Movements

Chen Style 18 Movements, created by Grand Master Chen Zhenglei is popular with all levels of students as it takes less time to learn than some popular old frame forms and the combinations are easier to follow. This allows students with limited space and time to start learning the foundations of the traditional old frame forms. Chen Style Taijiquan utilizes all parts of the body with varied movements that use expansive and contracting power through slow as well as explosive movements. The form has turning and small jumps that should be approached slowly and modified to your level of fitness to receive all the health and wellness benefits. We know you will enjoy learning this form and experiencing the dynamic movements of Chen Style Taiji.
Always remember to consult a physician when attempting a new exercise.
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