Master JianFeng Chen

International Grand Champion in Tai Chi



International Grand Champion in Tai Chi – Master JianFeng Chen

Your Dao Universe instructor, Shifu JianFeng Chen, has over 30 years of martial arts experience and over 25 years teaching. His father introduced him to martial arts at the age of 3, and at age 8 he joined the Junior Athletic School, which was the beginning of his formal training. He was selected by the Fujian State Athletic Wushu Unit (internationally known for Tai Chi World Champions) at the age of 11, where he was 1 of 5 students out of over 300 to train and compete professionally in Wushu (Kungfu) and Tai Chi for the Fujian province. This training required him to move from home to live in the sports complex in Fuzhou where he received training from Grand Masters and World Champions and attained eleven gold medals and numerous silver and bronze medals. He also attained a degree in Sports/Health from Shanghai Sports University and qualified to be a judge with the Chinese National Wushu Association. During and after his formal training, Master Chen acted and performed stunt work in movies/TV series such as Fist From Shaolin (1993) and Shaolin King of Martial Arts (2002) where he was honored to meet and train with more legends of Kung Fu. Through these experiences he realized his life purpose was to teach martial arts and share the Chinese culture with future generations. He moved to the US and began teaching in the Pacific Northwest in 2004, and in 2012 he started his own martial arts school in Central Oregon where he still teaches Tai Chi, QiGong and Wushu to all ages and abilities. Master Chen also started “Windows to China” trips in 2013 to further deepen his students knowledge and understanding of Chinese philosophy and martial arts training. Dao Universe was created to share the mental and physical health benefits of internal and external martial arts and philosophy with students from around the world. Master Chen hopes he can inspire his students to never stop learning.

Dao Universe Academy

We are building a strong group of practitioners and a vibrant online community where Master JianFeng Chen will help you begin, maintain, and master your
Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice. 

Tai Chi has many styles. Our beginning programs start with Yang style as it helps develop foundations with soft and circular motions. As you walk through our Dao Universe Academy you will be introduced to more styles and weapons training such as Tai Chi sword and Tai Chi fan, adding another understanding of energy movement as well as cognitive health.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is an ancient internal martial art from China, often called a “moving meditation” that has several health benefits. Tai Chi’s gentle but effective movements can be practiced by all ages and abilities without special equipmentanytime and anywhere, alone or with a group. Tai Chi has martial arts applications, however, for health purposes the forms and styles help you focus on transferring qi or “energy” throughout the body, creating mind/body connections 
 and helping to maintain muscle health and flexibility. These movements/postures can also be modified for individuals with limited mobility to help with increased circulation and minimal stress on joints. Numerous studies have shown a regular practice of Tai Chi may improve mood, anxiety, immune system, aerobic capacity, balancesleep and more. 

What is Qi Gong?

The practice of Qi Gong dates back 5,000 years and is the mother of Tai Chi. Translated, Qi Gong, literally means “energy work” and is used to help the practitioner learn to gather and distribute “Qi” or “energy” throughout the body. Qi Gong through dynamic breathing has been used to benefit over all health throughout the world as well as being meditative. There are several styles of Qi Gong and it is especially beneficial for any Tai Chi or martial art practitioner to deepen their practice by understanding the power of proper breathing with movements.

–Robin M.

"I have been taking Master Chen’s classes for 3 years and they are a delight. Upbeat and joyful, always smiling and cheerful, Master Chen is an excellent teacher. He brings a positive energy to his classes that his students see, feel, absorb and take away. I feel spiritually uplifted after each class. And then there is his technical ability, which is amazing. Watching Master Chen perform the moves of martial arts is watching an artist at work...beautiful. My life has improved mentally and physically since studying with Master Chen. He is a special person and I am lucky to know him."

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