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Master JianFeng Chen, International Grand Champion in Tai Chi is connecting a vibrant online community of practitioners with the resources needed to begin, maintain, and master Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice. As a DAO UNIVERSE ACADEMY MEMBER, you not only belong to a community of like-minded practitioners, you have access to:

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If you prefer not to become a member, we offer most of our courses for individual purchase. We will be adding new courses often so you can continually add to your library!

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"I started practicing Tai Chi about four years ago and since then Tai Chi has helped me improve in many ways. Practicing Tai Chi has helped me calm my mind and body, and has helped me find balance in my life. In addition, Tai Chi is a great physical exercise and it has helped improve my strength, flexibility, and focus. Participating in Tai Chi competitions has made me more humble but also more confident. Throughout my years of practice, Master Chen has always been there for me. He is an amazing teacher, a true Master. He has helped me improve in every way and he has taught me so much. Master Chen has truly made me a better person, and it brings me great joy to have met a teacher like him."

–With love and gratitude, Sofia

Instructor Master
JianFeng Chen

International Grand Champion in Tai Chi

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